Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life Between Summers..

About 2 posts a year seems fitting for us. One that talks about the summer adventures and then this one..the part of life between summers.

September:  We went to Las Vegas with Trent and Kjersten.  We were able to stay in the Vegas house and go to the Jason Mraz concert.  With a free place to stay and free concert tickets we spent far too much shopping, but oh boy was it fun!!

October: Our cute little niece, Paisley, was born. So fun to have a baby around at family things!  Landon and I were Olympic swimmers for Halloween.  Swim caps do not look flattering even for Halloween....

November:  For the first time we participated in all the black friday shopping.  Highlight of the all-nighter is the popcorn maker that Landon begged for and my new knife set.  Was it worth staying up all night? Probably not. Maybe someday when we have children with a wish list we'll give it another try,  but then again, by that time we won't be able to sleep in until 12 the next day.  This could have been the first and last year!  My grandma came home for her mission in time for Thanksgiving, we missed her lots and love having her back!

December:  It's always packed full, super busy, but ! 

 January: We went to Bear Lake for a quick weekend getaway.  The traditional sledding didn't disappoint! It's always fun, but this year it wasn't even too cold so we loved it! 

February: This winter we shoveled more snow than I ever thought possible.  It was piled so high on both sides of the driveway that I was useless for more shoveling, I couldn't even toss it high enough. For Valentines day Landon gave me a ring.  I love it and have wanted a right hand ring for a long time.

March: Celebrated my birthday with family.  Landon got his schedule for his last year of pharmacy school!! YAY!

April:  Busy month! Spent lots of time shopping with my mom and painting.  Last weekend we surprised Travis and decorated his new place while he was at the races with the boys.  It looks so good and he had no idea! It was a lot of fun and made me realize what an awesome family I have.  I'm in the middle of sewing a quilt for Talon's bed and I can't wait for us to have a party with him at his new house!

May: Today's only the first, but this month will be a good one.  It starts out with a weekend getaway to Vegas.  Two of my brothers and my cute nephew are going too! Hello sunshine and swimming!  Two more tests and Landon is officially done with year 2 of pharmacy school, seems a little unreal.

And there you have it, that's our life since last summer! 

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