Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life Between Summers..

About 2 posts a year seems fitting for us. One that talks about the summer adventures and then this one..the part of life between summers.

September:  We went to Las Vegas with Trent and Kjersten.  We were able to stay in the Vegas house and go to the Jason Mraz concert.  With a free place to stay and free concert tickets we spent far too much shopping, but oh boy was it fun!!

October: Our cute little niece, Paisley, was born. So fun to have a baby around at family things!  Landon and I were Olympic swimmers for Halloween.  Swim caps do not look flattering even for Halloween....

November:  For the first time we participated in all the black friday shopping.  Highlight of the all-nighter is the popcorn maker that Landon begged for and my new knife set.  Was it worth staying up all night? Probably not. Maybe someday when we have children with a wish list we'll give it another try,  but then again, by that time we won't be able to sleep in until 12 the next day.  This could have been the first and last year!  My grandma came home for her mission in time for Thanksgiving, we missed her lots and love having her back!

December:  It's always packed full, super busy, but ! 

 January: We went to Bear Lake for a quick weekend getaway.  The traditional sledding didn't disappoint! It's always fun, but this year it wasn't even too cold so we loved it! 

February: This winter we shoveled more snow than I ever thought possible.  It was piled so high on both sides of the driveway that I was useless for more shoveling, I couldn't even toss it high enough. For Valentines day Landon gave me a ring.  I love it and have wanted a right hand ring for a long time.

March: Celebrated my birthday with family.  Landon got his schedule for his last year of pharmacy school!! YAY!

April:  Busy month! Spent lots of time shopping with my mom and painting.  Last weekend we surprised Travis and decorated his new place while he was at the races with the boys.  It looks so good and he had no idea! It was a lot of fun and made me realize what an awesome family I have.  I'm in the middle of sewing a quilt for Talon's bed and I can't wait for us to have a party with him at his new house!

May: Today's only the first, but this month will be a good one.  It starts out with a weekend getaway to Vegas.  Two of my brothers and my cute nephew are going too! Hello sunshine and swimming!  Two more tests and Landon is officially done with year 2 of pharmacy school, seems a little unreal.

And there you have it, that's our life since last summer! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer 2012

Disclaimer:  this is a long has to be though, it covers all of summer and I haven't blogged since May!

This summer was number 1 on the charts for the best summer!  Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I only worked 10 days in 5 weeks!  Or that we vacationed with friends and family until our heart was almost content....

June we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary, three years already?!  Hard to believe, I feel like we're still newly weds...

In between Landon's rotations this summer we were able to go to Bear Lake for a long weekend with the whole Daly family.  The water was SUPER cold.  Landon wake boarded, but I didn't even dare get in.  Instead we went over to the pool. Landon took his go pro and the kids had fun jumping off the diving board with it or going down the slide.  The water wasn't a whole lot warmer, but we still had a fun time!

July was when the fun began.  We went to San Francisco for a week.

The men did the driving and we rocked it in the back, treats more treats a little napping and everything else you do on a LONG car drive.

China Town
We went to China Town on the first day there.  It wasn't what I had's packed with people and the grocery marts are gross.  I found a nice knock off D&G purse, so I guess it was a success.

The A's game was a blast. Landon caught a ball in batting practice and they swept the Yankees. 
 It was a bitter sweet time for Mo!  I about fried to death.  A nice lady in front of us offered me sunscreen.  Who knew baseball games could be so long...especially when it goes into extra innings.

Landon Skim Boarding

We spent one day in Santa Cruz. It was fun walking on the beach, looking at all the surf shops and the carnival feel.  This was a sad I was looking over the board walk at the sea lions my new Oakley sunglasses fell right off my head and we watched them slowly sink.  Landon was sweet and bought me new sunglasses while we were in Santa Cruz.

We spent the first of the next at Pier 39 and seeing Down Town San Francisco.  We enjoyed some fish and chips, which were pretty good.  Mo and Cari had some Calamari so I tried it..not a fan!  We wanted to see Alcatraz, but all the tours were sold out. Apparently July is a very busy tourist time so you have to purchase tickets 6 weeks in advance.  Maybe next time....Landon says we'll be going back.

This was the event Landon had been waiting for.  I had a tiny jacket and when the sun goes down it's cold!  I wanted a hot chocolate, but it was to satisfy us both Landon bought a Giants jacket and I wore mine and his! :)  We had a fun night and they won so we couldn't have asked for more.

Look at the size of that tree!

We spent one day going to Muir Woods, it was beautiful!  Then the  drive home took us by the famous Golden Gate Bridge and we had to see Lombard Street.  We walked up that thing...probably the most stairs I have ever done at one time.

We also went to Six Flags and had a fun time going on rides and watching the dolphin show!  Thanks to Aunt Carol for letting us stay at her house, not only did we have a free place to stay, but she made us dinner and we enjoyed the pool.  It was such a fun vacation...thanks Mo and Cari for going with us, it made it that much better!

The next vacation was Bear Lake. It was our family, Jim and Candace and Greg and Lyndi's family.  We enjoyed boating everyday, even some golfing and a show at pickleville playhouse. 

This is what I got when I asked him to show me what he got for his birthday! Mr. Cheese
Landon's favorite cake is Angel food cake with out anything on's pretty easy to make him happy!  Can't believe you're 24....still seems so young, but so much older than the first birthday I celebrated with you!  Happy Birthday Babe, so glad we were able to celebrate for a whole week at the Lake!

The next little getaway was weekend camping with my family! Here are some pictures to sum it up...

The kids had pop rocks for the first time for Talon's party favor. I had to put this picture on here because Payton's face was so funny.... he did not like them!
  We celebrated Talon's 2nd birthday and enjoyed the dirt, camp fire, and my mom's delicious cooking.

Our last vacation was Lake Powell for a week! Oh how I love Lake in a swimming suite, jumping in the water whenever, washing my hair in the lake and relaxing in the sun. This year did not disappoint.  We did have a few memorable poured at night and was super super windy.  Landon and I slept in a little fort made out of a tarp...I thought it was fun and all of his family nick named it the Love Shack! haha

We came home from vacation on Thursday and Landon started school on Friday!  It was a fun way to finish out our summer, but was rough getting back to real life! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OuR LiTtLe FaRm

Landon and I had talked about getting chickens for quite awhile...I wanted them because chicks are so cute and Landon wanted them for the eggs.  About 5 weeks ago my dad (the experienced chicken raiser) Travis and Talon came with us to buy the chicks and all the things we needed for them to live in the garage.

A little side ducks are stinkin' adorable and if they weren't so messy and we had some type of pond we would have brought home some of them too.  Our 8 little chicks came home in what looked like a happy meal box.  My dad let us use his heat lamp and metal basin to make a temporary home in the garage.

Here they are, so tiny! I loved getting home from work and leaving the garage door to the house open so I could hear them chirp as I cleaned or made dinner.

Here's a close up to see just how small and cute they were. I love the black one!
This is not the case anymore though....our garage stinks! They have quadrupled in size and we have to keep their cage covered because they can jump out.  A couple of weeks ago we started feeding them some bread and lettuce.  The first time we gave them bread Kayson was over here and wanted to feed them.  He climbed in the basin and was breaking pieces of the bread and holding it in his hands.  The chicks were still a little small and didn't come right over to eat it...My parents and Jer were here so Landon was explaining his plans for the nesting boxes. We turned around and Kayson was picking the bread up from in the coop and saying "Look chickies like this" and he would take a bite.  It was absolutely adorable, but gross.

Landon has been working on their coop since the day after we bought them.  It's close to being done.  Only one more week and then they're moving outside. They have grown up so quick...but they still look too little to be out in the coop.

I still think they're cute, but Landon says we're blinded by love!  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

BiRtHdAy WeEKeNd!

When you grow up, your birthday is almost like every other day. I turned twenty-two on Tuesday. My actual birthday consisted of me going to work and when you work 10 hours a day there isn't a lot of time after work to celebrate. Thanks to my coworkers I enjoyed a birthday card and ice cream sandwiches. Landon was supposed to work until 10, but he came home a little early because he was sick.

I spent Friday cleaning our house and doing laundry. My day off was much needed because before friday I had worked 80 hours in the last 9 days. The only day I had off was Sunday. There was a lot to keep me busy while Landon was at the pharmacy all day. Friday night we went to the Jazz game because we scored some free ticket.

Saturday was going to be the day we celebrated and did something fun, our plans were dinner and Real game. However, this is not how the day went. We slept in, until 9 which was so nice! Then put our work clothes on with the intentions of only wearing them for a couple of hours. Landon was going to help Jeremy and Greg with their yards for a little bit so I thought I'd be productive and work on ours.

Hours went by and we were still working on the yard, we took a little break to go buy a lawn mower, flag pole, fertilizer and peas. Landon and Greg went and got a trailer full of mulch,which is all we needed to be able to finish the yard.

Thanks Kevin and Greg for helping us stand our tree back up so it doesn't grow into the neighbors house! Our yard is now weed free, flower beds full of dark beautiful mulch, and we started our garden! Can't wait to enjoy some peas!

Our night ended helping Chris clean out his storage unit and enjoying some pizza! It was a long day and we finally got inside to have a shower at 10....we wore our yard work clothes longer than we anticipated, but it's so nice to have our yard looking great! We're ready for the good weather.

We had a fun day spending time together in the yard laughing and talking!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is there Anything WORSE?

Seriously....repairs, they're lame. Why can't everything work like it should? Not something I really wanna spend my money on, even if it's not a lot and I'm still hoping its not a lot. Growing up can sometimes be rough. Good thing we can survive livin' on love.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ThE AlMoSt VaCaTIoN...

Yesterday Landon got home from golfing and he had a nice little sunburn on his arms and made me want to be out in the sun.

We started looking at package deals for one night stay and golfing in Mesquite or St. George. Well everything was a little more than we wanted to spend so instead we scheduled a couples massage for 9pm tonight. Then I get to thinking...well, that won't work Landon is supposed to be at work.

Good thing we weren't already on the road to Mesquite when our fun little getaway was grounded by the reminder that someone had to get to work by 5 the next day.

We rescheduled our massages for 2 o'clock today. It was fabulous. I made sure to say I wanted a light massage so that I didn't experience the same soreness the next day that I had last far so good.

It has been fun spending the last two days with my hubby! Too bad his spring break ends tomorrow and it's back to the usual routine.

Hopefully there will be a weekend getaway in the near future

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LaMe. LaMe. NiGhT

It's windy, quiet, late and I'm missing my Husband. You can only check your email, facebook and pinterest so many times in one night. I'm too exhausted to do anything worth while, but I would really like to stay awake long enough to see Landon's face at least once before this day ends.

On my way home from work I went shopping with my mom then went to my sister-in-laws to barrow some cute clothes and waste a little time with the nephew. Good thing Landon sent me a text that he's on his way home, now I only need to keep myself awake for another 30 minutes. I sure wish I could get caught up in a good book, but reading puts me to sleep... I'd probably have better luck turning into a night owl rather than keeping my eyes open long enough to finish one page.

Here's to a REALLY long get ready for bed routine tonight!